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What you should check before investing in a luxury apartment in Chennai

Luxury apartments are now becoming a standard offering by many leading builders in Chennai. Whether it is 3 BHK apartments in Thiruvanmiyur or luxury apartments in KK nagar, Chennai’s residents today are spoilt for choice when it comes to premium homes. Not only do these flats look great and offer excellent amenities, they have also come to be associated with a certain kind of lifestyle and a status symbol. To add to that, many high-end residences are now counted among some of the affordable apartments in Chennai, bringing them within the reach of most Chennaites.

Nevertheless, buying a luxury apartment can entail quite a bit of expense, and no doubt, it is an investment of a lifetime. Therefore it is important to check on a few things before you go ahead and seal the deal.

1. The locality: Having a luxurious home means nothing if your surroundings do not match up. If it’s an up-and-coming neighbourhood, quick recce will tell you the prospects of development in the area. Good roads, an efficient drainage system, easy access to transportation, homogenous community – all of these things can significantly make or mar your luxury living experience. Along with this, if you have a family – you may also want to ensure schools, colleges, hospitals, parks and shopping areas are close enough.

2. Lifestyle amenities: A clubhouse, gymnasium, swimming pool, jogging track – these have become ubiquitous with premium residences these days. Reputed builders in Chennai offer these amenities with their luxury apartments in Chennai, but it is important to check on the quality and make of these spaces. A good way to ascertain this is to check any completed projects by the builder. The build and quality of infrastructure of existing structures will give you an idea of what to expect.

3. Fittings and fixtures: While the top most builders in Chennai are known to provide the best, many times, the electric and sanitary fittings that come with a house can be below par. It is best to check on these things before signing the deal. If you find that the choice offered by the builder doesn’t meet your standards, many builders will be more than happy to accommodate your preferences.

4. NOC, clearance and society formation: Luxury apartments are only luxurious if they can be enjoyed without any hassles. Ensure that the builder has a clean title to the property he is selling. Also ensure the project is approved by relevant authorities as well as financial institutions if you intend to take a loan. Remember to enquire about the relevant conditions in place for transfer of ownership and formation of a society where applicable.

5. Neighbours: Having great neighbours is a big part of living happily in a luxury apartment. Many families find it less than enjoyable when their neighbours turn out to be a far stretch from what they were expecting. Ensure you ask the builders about the other residents or buyers wherever possible. Consider this aspect carefully while deciding upon a house.

With these pointers, home-hunting for a luxury apartment for sale in Chennai should be a lot easier. When your hard-earned money is on the line, it is best to take your time and go with your instincts. That way you can be assured of a great deal, and a great house!