Is a Luxury Apartment Right for You?

Many would enjoy the perks of owning and living in a luxury apartment for sale in Chennai. However, as with everything else in life, this too comes at a price. While many premium residences are today counting among the affordable apartments in Chennai, you have to think long and hard before making the decision to buy one. Is a luxury apartment right for you? Answer the following questions to get a good idea-

1. Do you enjoy socializing and having guests over?

Quite a few people enjoy being on their own a lot more than being with other people. For them, an evening spent chatting and laughing over drinks and food is certainly not the best option. But in case you can’t do without your Friday night get-togethers or Sunday family brunches, you can certainly consider a luxury flat in thiruvanmiyur or similar areas in Chennai. Luxury apartments are spacious, and mostly come with large terraces or balconies that make for perfect barbeque evenings or even proper sit down dinners. If entertaining guests is your idea of fun, a large luxury apartment is right for you.

2. Can you afford the lifestyle cost?

Luxury apartments from top builders in Chennai don’t just mean a great-looking flat. It also means a significantly upgraded lifestyle. From in-house club, gymnasium, swimming pool to terraced gardens, private parking, manicured lawns, play areas – reputed builders in Chennai offer all this and much more. And of course, most of it comes at a price. There are some who just can’t do without hitting the gym or their morning walk every day; and many prefer the security of a private play area for small children. However, if this is not on your list of priorities, a luxury apartment may not be the best option for you.

3. How about the maintenance?

Luxury apartments need a certain amount of upkeep to keep looking luxurious. Without regular and meticulous maintenance, the beauty and grandeur of a luxury flat can quickly fade. Moreover, most premium residences come with equally ornate and exquisite interiors – that need quite a bit of TLC. If you are not the kind to hire dedicated help, or spend time taking care of the house yourself, you might want to re-think a luxury apartment. Of course, those who do carry out such maintenance swear that the rewards of a beautiful house far outweigh the effort – but again, not everyone has the time or inclination for such domestic pursuits. Consider this aspect carefully too.

Once you’ve considered these points, it will doubtless become much clearer to you where you stand on the matter. However, all said and done, no amount of effort or price is too much when it comes to eliciting envious glances and compliments from those who visit your house. Also, one must remember, a house is very often an investment of a lifetime – and it’s always best to go for the best. And with so many leading builders in Chennai offering premium affordable apartments in Chennai – you are certain to find one that is right for you.

What you should check before investing in a luxury apartment in Chennai

Luxury apartments are now becoming a standard offering by many leading builders in Chennai. Whether it is 3 BHK apartments in Thiruvanmiyur or luxury apartments in KK nagar, Chennai’s residents today are spoilt for choice when it comes to premium homes. Not only do these flats look great and offer excellent amenities, they have also come to be associated with a certain kind of lifestyle and a status symbol. To add to that, many high-end residences are now counted among some of the affordable apartments in Chennai, bringing them within the reach of most Chennaites.

Nevertheless, buying a luxury apartment can entail quite a bit of expense, and no doubt, it is an investment of a lifetime. Therefore it is important to check on a few things before you go ahead and seal the deal.

1. The locality: Having a luxurious home means nothing if your surroundings do not match up. If it’s an up-and-coming neighbourhood, quick recce will tell you the prospects of development in the area. Good roads, an efficient drainage system, easy access to transportation, homogenous community – all of these things can significantly make or mar your luxury living experience. Along with this, if you have a family – you may also want to ensure schools, colleges, hospitals, parks and shopping areas are close enough.

2. Lifestyle amenities: A clubhouse, gymnasium, swimming pool, jogging track – these have become ubiquitous with premium residences these days. Reputed builders in Chennai offer these amenities with their luxury apartments in Chennai, but it is important to check on the quality and make of these spaces. A good way to ascertain this is to check any completed projects by the builder. The build and quality of infrastructure of existing structures will give you an idea of what to expect.

3. Fittings and fixtures: While the top most builders in Chennai are known to provide the best, many times, the electric and sanitary fittings that come with a house can be below par. It is best to check on these things before signing the deal. If you find that the choice offered by the builder doesn’t meet your standards, many builders will be more than happy to accommodate your preferences.

4. NOC, clearance and society formation: Luxury apartments are only luxurious if they can be enjoyed without any hassles. Ensure that the builder has a clean title to the property he is selling. Also ensure the project is approved by relevant authorities as well as financial institutions if you intend to take a loan. Remember to enquire about the relevant conditions in place for transfer of ownership and formation of a society where applicable.

5. Neighbours: Having great neighbours is a big part of living happily in a luxury apartment. Many families find it less than enjoyable when their neighbours turn out to be a far stretch from what they were expecting. Ensure you ask the builders about the other residents or buyers wherever possible. Consider this aspect carefully while deciding upon a house.

With these pointers, home-hunting for a luxury apartment for sale in Chennai should be a lot easier. When your hard-earned money is on the line, it is best to take your time and go with your instincts. That way you can be assured of a great deal, and a great house!

Why you should invest in a luxury apartment in Chennai

‘Home’ means different things to different people. It can be a cute bungalow set amidst a neat garden, in lush natural surroundings for some. For others, it can be a little cosy hut on the beach that reminds them of their home in the village. For still others, it can be a plush apartment in a posh, upscale neighbourhood. Whatever their definition of home – one thing is the same – it is a security, a safety net, a place everyone wants and needs, and it is an investment of a lifetime. For these reasons, it is important that the home you purchase be the best you can afford – not just for you, but your family as well.

If you live in a city like Chennai, finding your dream home can be difficult. In such cases, a luxury apartment sale in Chennai can be just the saving grace you need. Many reputed builders in Chennai are now offering affordable apartments in Chennai that are luxuriously designed – replete with every modern amenity and using the best materials available. Luxury residential flats are now slowly becoming the norm, as homeowners and buyers are looking for more value for their hard-earned money. If you are looking to purchase a home, you may want to seriously consider premium apartments in Thiruvanmiyur, K.K. Nagar, Mandaveli or any other upmarket peaceful residential area in Chennai.

The decision to purchase high-end, spacious 3 BHK apartments in Thiruvanmiyur or any other area will serve you well for many reasons –

1. Luxury apartments are built by some of the top most builders in Chennai that guarantee you quick possession, transparency, and reliability. Most of these builders are verified by banks and financial institutions and their projects are government approved, so you need not worry about not getting what is promised.

2. Premium apartments boast of some of the finest materials, amenities and fittings – marble flooring, sophisticated security systems, modern sanitary fittings and many more. Builders and architects pay great attention to details ensuring you get complete comfort and a zero-nuisance living experience.

3. A luxury flat in Thiruvanmiyur, K.K. Nagar and similar areas will not only give you a great quality of life inside the home, but also outside. With schools, colleges, hospitals and shopping areas near-by, your daily life will be much easier.

4. Designed in contemporary and elegant fashion, premium luxury flats are just perfect for fast-paced, urban life. They are spacious and yet easy to maintain. Plus, round-the-clock security, power back-up and amenities like in-house health club, banquet halls, entertainment zones, play area will fulfil all the needs of each family member

5. The best part is – they are affordable apartments in Chennai. Luxury apartments offer a lifetime of benefits for the price asked. Moreover, if you look into budget apartment sale in Ashok Nagar Thiruvanmiyur or other areas, you are certain to find ultra-premium residences at sub-urban prices. Booking an apartment in advance can help you further reduce costs.

For these reasons, homeowners are better off considering luxury apartment by leading Chennai builders ensuring they are able to enjoy their lifetime investment for life.